Ditch Your Cable and Switch to Online Streaming

Wanna get rid of Cable? I think you are at the right place to take this important decision, as here at FreeurTV.com we help people to understand the benefits of online streaming, and how with the help of different online streaming  (Over-the-Top Video-on-Demand) services , you can replace your cable completely.

In the past few years Internet TV Streaming has set a trend in the whole experience of TV watching and cord cutting has become a fashion to follow. The proof is in front of us as most of the big cable companies of US have reported, a big loss in their subscribers. Alone in the second quarter of 2015, cable companies of USA lost 463,000 subscribers, following the 141,000 customers loss in the first quarter (See this report by fortune). The reasons are many, the low cost, the exceptional comfort and convenience and a lot more (which we will discuss later).

But first let us have a clear understanding of every aspect of this new trend of online streaming. So, Basically in this article, i will explain you, the whole procedure of cord cutting and try to clear each and every doubt, which is holding you to join the Cordcutters Community, and help you to figure out the best for you according to your preferences. Now lets get Started with some general questions your mind will come across before cutting your cord!

What are online streaming services and how do they work?

Guys, online media streaming services technically known as OTT-VOD (Over-the-Top Video-on-Demand) services, are platforms where you can watch Movies, TV shows, Sports etc, with the help internet and a supporting device. Your supporting device can be anything Television, PCs, Tablets, Mobiles, all you need is an internet connection.

What is Video-on-Demand?

As the name Video-on-Demand suggest, you only need to select your content from the library and you can directly watch it. YES, there are no timing restriction, you can watch your favorite shows anytime you want. Lets me be more precised.

Basically there are 2 types of Video-on-Demand, the first one is the “Monthly Subscription Based Services” like Netflix, Hulu, Sling TV. The second one is the “Buy or Rent” services like iTunes, Vudu, Google Play Store and more. You might already have some experiences with the second kind, as you must be buying a lot of media from iTunes. But in this article we are going to focus more on the monthly subscription based services, as they provide a better alternative for your traditional ways on watching television.

How to Subscribe?

Monthly subscription based service, offer their subscribers to stream unlimited content (Movies, TV Shows, Sports etc), throughout the month, for a fix charge, which means you just have to pay once at the starting of your month. All the content on various portals is accessible to you and unlike iTunes you can straight away use them, without buying or renting.

People who are new to this, might be afraid of technical skills required to use them, but i can assure you it is a very simple process, just like you online shopping (and much easier then cable subscription). The subscription process, requires few simple on screen instructions on the official website of the respective brand. You just need to fill some basic details along with your payment details.

The best thing about these service is that, each one of them provide a free one month trial, in which you can easily decide whether it is meant for you or not.

What are the devices I need to access them?

The device support of all the online streaming services is extremely wide. You can access these with Mobiles, Tablets, PCs and your Television. If you have a smart TV, then you can directly use the app of your service which is either preinstalled or easily available on web. While for normal television, you need an extra device to connect. This is also not a big problem as there are a lot of familiar devices with you can access them. Some of the devices are Play Station, Xbox, Roku etc. Even if you don’t have devices, you can use “Google Chromecast” which is cheapest and easiest way to connect your TV to your mobile app of the service.

What are Some Good Online services and What do they Offer?

There are few good services in the market which will help you to overcome your cable nostalgia. All the services are really good and provide a lot in terms of both quality and quantity. Each service is unique and has its own advantages over other and cant be compared directly, so you might wanna go for more than one (they are really cheap). Lets talk about some names now.


Undoubtly the most popular online service, running successfully in around 190 countries with over 70 million!! subscribers around the world. The service provide an infinite catalog of movies, TV shows, documentaries for every genre you ever have heard of. The service costs just $9/month for the standard pack and $12/month for the premium version (FYI= the content in both of them is same). The only down side of the service is that, it lacks recent TV shows and Movies.

Hulu Plus

This service fulfills the drawbacks of Netflix, and offers you latest and ongoing shows the next day they are aired on television. The Hulu has a pretty big list of the channels it has in its catalog, very few of them i could mention here are ABC, FOX, NBC, Hitory….. The service costs $8/month for the standard version and $12 for premium. There is also a free of cost, advertisement based services by the same brand, which allows you to watch all its content in trade of the adds you watch.

Sling TV

The search for an alternative is incomplete without considering Sports and News, and Sling TV offers them both. Sling TV is unique online video streaming service which offers its subscribers to watch a variety of popular networks live. Which means that you can stream recent shows at the same time as the cable subscribers do. Few of the main channels in the service are ABC, ESPN, ESPN2. There are also a lot of extra addons for sports, lifestyle, kids etc for $5/month each.

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Another network without which the cable alternatives list is not complete. Just $15/month to get the access to all the content of HBO whether it is new or old. Along with a lot of movies and TV series the service also has some boxing action which is available in HBO.

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Along with these there are few other service, but they are not as good as these and remember that you can always use the “Buy and Rent” services, as they don’t need any paid subscription. Just pay for what you need. Some of the popular Buy and rent services available right now are iTunes, Google Play Movies and TV, Amazon Instant Videos, Vudu and few others.

These service allows you too own or rent, movies and TV shows episodes. These platforms have a lot of recent movies and TV series, so if you don’t have any other access to your favorite on going TV show episode, you can straight away use these services. All of them offer a big library of content, but the only disadvantage is cost. Buying individual movies and TV episodes is expensive, which make less sense for cordcutters.

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Music is also one of a major thing to consider when you are leaving cable TV, but no need to worry about Internet has a lot of music, for MTV and VH1 you can use Hulu, Sling TV and PlayStation Vue. For audio listening try from a number of top music streaming apps land service explained below.

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Some Free Stuff

Apart from all these paid services there are a lot of free platforms which you can use to enjoy almost everything you want. Here are some of my article on these free Websites and Apps, feel free to search them, buy putting them in the search block above.

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  • Mobdro / Megabox HD and MovieBox Free movies and TV shows Apps.
  • Free Music Streaming Sites.
  • Free movies download.

Some Frequently Asked Questions

Can i watch sports?

  • Yes you can also watch sports through internet streaming services, and there are a lot of ways like Sling TV for NFL, Basketball, and sports shows etc, HBO NOW for boxing and sports documentaries, Hulu for WWE. Apart from this you can also buy NFL Pass to watch football online.
  • Also if you want some free options. Refer my articles – Free live sports streaming sites, Watch NFL for free.

Can I watch News?

  • Yes, you can, News is the easiest and a completely free thing which you get with cordcutting. Most of the major news services allow their readers, free live news on their official website. Here is my quick guide for free news streaming sites, also if they are missing something you can try Sling TV, as it offers few news channels and Hulu also offers some news and updates.

Can I watch Recent and Ongoing Shows?

  • Yes, with Sling TV, you can watch ongoing TV shows at the same time as cable subscribers. Hulu Plus offers recent shows, the next day they as they are aired on their networks. Mobdro is also a great app to watch live TV all the popular TV channels like FOX, ABC, AMC, ESPN, BEIN, SKY…… (endless), you can find more about the app, by searching it on the search block above.

Do I require any technical skills?

  • No, both the subscription and installation is quite easy as compared to cable, and does not require any technical skills.

At last, remind me why I need to get rid of cable?

  • High cost, a normal cable subscription require upto $60 to $80, which much more expensive than online streaming.
  • Cable companies bound their users in yearly contracts, which means even if you want to stop your subscription, you have to pay them for entire year, while in case of online streaming platforms you can cut you subscription at any point you want, without any previous notice and long annoying chats with customer support.
  • Time restrictions, with cable you are bound to watch your show on their fixed timing.
  • Portability, with online streaming services, you can watch your favorite shows anywhere you want, there is no need to be at home.

So these were few reason why you need to ditch your cable subscription, you might have your own reasons. Also there will be some people who like the traditional ways of watching TV, its totally your choice. I switched to online streaming, to save some precious dollars, although it increased my internet bill a little, but still less than, what i used to pay for cable.

Share us your experience of cord cutting, to help others, also if you need any help or have any question, please leave a comment below, I will definitely help you.

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